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Pub Crawl Wilmington

Pub Crawl Wilmington

The Port City - host to countless ships and sailors for nearly 300 years - has a long and "distinguished" history with alcohol and the establishments that serve it. Many of today's pubs and bars are located in buildings with fascinating stories.

For the price of a beer, you can learn fascinating facts and impress your friends & dates with your sophisticated knowledge and wisdom.

​Warning! Do not attempt to visit (and have a drink at) all 13 stops in a single night. Your brain can not process this much fascinating info at once. If you are over 40, you should probably attempt only 3 or 4.

Disclaimer: is not responsible for hangovers or regrettable behavior. We also do not guarantee impressing your friends & dates. If they are not impressed, you did something wrong, or have dumb friends, or both.

Please note: due to bar noise, this tour is not narrated.

The stops on this tour are:

  1. "A Brief History of Beer & Booze before Wilmington"

  2. "Beer, Booze & Vice in early Wilmington"

  3. Paddy's Hollow.

  4. Orton's

  5. Bourbon St.

  6. Front St. Brewery

  7. Sláinte

  8. Slice of Life

  9. Blue Post

  10. the Husk

  11. Duck & Dive

  12. Reel Cafe

  13. Dock St. Oyster Bar

  14. Barbary Coast

  15. Lula's

Our app is free to download and has a free sample mini-tour.

Our 'Pub Crawl Wilmington' tour is available as an in-app purchase for $6.99.

Think you already know a lot about Wilmington drinking history? Take our Ultimate Beer, Booze & Wilmington quiz and find out.

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