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Our app is free to download and includes a free sample mini-tour.

We have 5 full length tours available for purchase within the app: African-American HistoryPub Crawl Wilmington, Civil War Wilmington, 2nd Street to the River, & 3rd Street & East.

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African-American History

(32 stops, best done in a few outings, $6.99)

African Americans were among the first Wilmingtonians and for 
much of the city’s history have comprised a significant portion, if not a majority, of its population. As such, African Americans played a significant role in all aspects of the city’s development. Both free & enslaved African Americans played crucial roles in building Wilmington into North Carolina’s largest antebellum city. During Reconstruction, Wilmington became a mecca of economic opportunity for African Americans. Wilmington was home to North Carolina’s first black attorney (George Mabson), first black doctor (Dr. James Francis Shober), and the nation’s first black professionally-trained architect, (Robert R. Taylor).

Learn more about our African-American History tour.

African American History
Pub Crawl Wilmington

Pub Crawl Wilmington
(13 stops, best done over at least a few evenings, $6.99)

The Port City - host to countless ships and sailors for nearly 300 years - has a long and "distinguished" history with alcohol and the establishments that serve it. Many today's pubs and bars are located in buildings with fascinating stories.

For the price of a beer, you can learn fascinating facts and impress your friends & dates with your sophisticated knowledge and wisdom.

Learn more about Pub Crawl Wilmington.

Civil War Wilmington
(18 stops, 2+ hrs, $6.99)

No war is ever "civil" and Wilmington suffered its share of conflict & turmoil, including a deadly yellow-fever epidemic. The “Port City” - then North Carolina’s largest - played a vital role for the Confederacy. After the fall of Mobile in August 1864, Wilmington remained the Confederacy’s last major open port, causing General Robert E. Lee to call her “the lifeline of the Confederacy.” (Wilmington plays prominently in the 2012 film Lincoln). After the fall of nearby Fort Fisher and Wilmington in January 1865, the war soon ended.

Learn more about Civil War Wilmington.

Civil War Wilmington

2nd Street to the River
[16 stops, 2 hrs, $6.99]

This tour walks you along our beautiful riverwalk and up to 2nd Street. Learn about the Port City’s founding, the evolution of its river-based economy, and the ruins & shipwrecks across the river.

Learn more about 2nd Street to the River.

Old Wilmington I

3rd Street & East
[15 stops, 2 hrs, $6.99]

This tour continues the story on 3rd Street and up Market Street past the Bellamy Mansion. Wilmington has been called the "City of Churches" and many of its gems are on this tour.

Learn more about 3rd Street & East.

Old Wilmington II
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