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3rd Street & East

This tour is the sequel to '2nd Street to the River' (but stands alone as its own tour - you can take it first if you like). It continues the story of Wilmington on 3rd Street and up Market Street past the Bellamy Mansion. Wilmington has been called the "City of Churches" and many of its gems are on this tour.

Our app is free to download and has a free sample mini-tour.

Our '3rd Street & East' tour is available as an in-app purchase for $6.99.

This tour takes about 2 hours and includes 15 stops:

  1. Burgwin-Wright House

  2. St. James Church & Graveyard

  3. Old County Courthouse

  4. City Hall / Thalian Hall

  5. Wilmington Light Infantry

  6. Temple of Israel

  7. Carolina Apartments

  8. Kenan Plaza & Fountain

  9. First Baptist Church

  10. Bellamy Mansion

  11. St. Paul's Lutheran Church

  12. Cape Fear Museum / Armory

  13. Basilica Shrine of St. Mary

  14. First Presbyterian Church

  15. Zebulon Latimer House

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