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2nd Street to the River

This tour walks you along our beautiful riverwalk and up to Second Street. Learn about the Port City’s founding, the evolution of its river-based economy, and the ruins & shipwrecks across the river. If you only have time for only one tour, this is the tour to take.

Our app is free to download and has a free sample mini-tour.

Our '2nd Street to the River' tour is available as an in-app purchase for $6.99.

  1. Foot of Market Street/Market House

  2. Ferry Landing

  3. Custom House/Federal Building

  4. Battleship North Carolina

  5. City Market

  6. Eagles Island ruins & ship graveyard

  7. Chandler's Wharf & Naval Stores

  8. Governor Dudley Mansion

  9. Mitchell-Anderson House

  10. St. John's Lodge

  11. USO Building

  12. deRosset House

  13. Masonic Temple

  14. Post Office

  15. Cotton Exchange

  16. Railroad complex

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